ZonaBonita: Your beautiful web zone

Are you looking for an innovative cloud hosting service  where you can create your own beautiful zone on the web? Then Zona Bonita Cloudhosting is exactly what you are looking for. Our cloud hosting packages are designed to give you the maximum number of features for the best price. All our packages include a free domain name.  Our cloud hosting platform is fully scalable.

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800+ Free Of Cost Website Themes

Fully customizable. Automated Setting up

In our Control Panel you can find a selection of 800+ free of cost website themes. All of them are specifically for someone who wants to rapidly create a new site by having a custom template, and never have to dedicate several hours exploring a ton of template galleries online.

 Choose from more than 40 different apps

  • Install your favorite web application with a single click
  • With our  Web Apps Installer you can immediately start with WordPress, Joomla or a webshop
  • You don’t have to configure anything yourself your app is online within a few minutes.


VPN risk-free access to the internet

  • If you want to browse the World Wide Web safely and incognito, then we have the perfect solution.
  • You can choose the location of the VPN server in data centers on different continents.