Planet made of Movies, Music & Stories

the video planetLENs Video Planet

Welcome! You are about to start an amazing journey through the beautiful zones of the planet made of movies, music and stories. Wish you a wonderful experience.

The Celluloid Hill

Climb the celluloid hill and jump into a moving adventure. Find the gems of cinema on your way through a maze of colorful images and brilliant frames.

The Docu Valley

Get a taste of some of the best food for thought and find new insights while you have a stroll through the docu valley. Fill your mind with art, history, mythology, the beauty of nature and learn about the wandering ways of humankind.

The Library Forest

Be inspired by words that will whisper in your ears. Discover the art of story telling, the broad sense of a few poetic words, and the deeper meaning of philosophical expression in the library forest.

The Vinyl Cave

Roll a stone into the Vinyl Cave and hear the sound echoing the beats and harmonies of the past. Turning around and around on a velvet underground, the groove will flow and break on through to the other side…

The MuVi Wonderland

Move it up, shake it down, let it loose and make a side step into MuVi Wonderland, a timeless world where music and moving images mingle in a long-lasting parade of video clips.

The Music Experience

Take a swing at LENs Music Experience. Listen to the story of the electric troubadour, catching grooves on which melodies grow, expressing words of love and desire.


The Zone of Zhang

Find the portrait of beauty in a couple of mirrors. Take a detour to the Zone of Zhang. Follow a bright shining star from the orient that leads you on a long and winding road to different places and times.

The Travel Zone

Seven pretty charming traveling ladies tell you the story of their journey without limits. Let them take you by the hand and lead you to all the beautiful zones in which they left their footsteps.

The Video Planet: creation and content curation by LEN