Planet made of movies, music, poems and stories

Hi! You are about to land on Zona Bonita, a planet made of movies, music, poems and stories.  While you fly around the planet, and enjoy a preview, you can’t actually wait to start your adventure and explore the whole planet. To do so, you need a SECRET KEY to open the gate to the VIP ENTRANCE and get unlimited access to all the beauty Zona Bonita Video Planet has to offer!

Movie Zone

Wander in a world of celluloid and dig into the gems of cinema. Discover new and old movies.


Enrich yourself with this food for the mind and the senses.

Music Zone

Open the records cabinet and dive in a wave of authentic sounds from the 1960’s, 70’s and 80’s. (full albums)


Poetry & Prose 

Let your mind flow into the universe of words and get captured by transcendent poetry and prose.


Playlists made around a theme, artist, genre, thought, event and anything else you can imagine

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