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The FILM Collection

Dive into a world of celluloid, discover a great curated collection of films from the past and the present. Movies made in different parts of the world. From Hollywood to Bollywood, and from European cinema to Asian and Latin American films.

(Vinyl) Record Collection

250 BEST (VINYL) RECORDS from the 1960’s and ’70’s. Original versions, collector’s items, re-mastered lp’s and cd versions, they all turn around at a speed of 33pm. Listen to 200+ hours of music without annoying ads between the songs in the VIP ZONE.

Retro TV

RETRO TV SERIES like Bonanza (first season), Police Woman Pepper, Kojak (first season), Floris, Mission Impossible, Taxi, Who pays the Ferryman, The Young Ones, Van Kooten & De Bie, The Midnight Special all in one place. Travel back to the days when series where exclusively made for TV.

Made in China

CHINESE SERIES : ‘Couple of Mirrors’, ‘Gone with the Rain’, ‘Court Lady’, ‘Hi Producer, ‘The Legend of Hao Lan’’ and ‘Royal Feast’. Hundreds of episodes take you to traditional and modern China. Focus is on young actress and rising star Zhang Nan who appears in all series. Without ads and with English subtitles.

Music Videos

Playlist with 500 + music videos
Video killed the radio star, but music videos have a charm of their own. On the Video Planet you will find yourself on a timeless journey with artists from around the world. Video’s from the black and white days of music, to the flamboyant, colorful and vibrant images of today. Watch & listen ad free as a VIP.

Audio Tracks

250 songs Go along the track, and follow the groove of great songs, mingled into a long and winding playlist.

Female Traveler Adventures

TRAVEL AROUND THE WORLD with these brave and charming ladies as your guide. Follow their stories and adventures, filmed in amazing places.


Watch a great selection of documentaries about art, music, history, nature, philosphy, mythology and much more in the VIP ZONE

Audio Books

Prose / Poetry / Philosophy and more. Close your eyes, open your ears and flow into a universe of spoken words and let your mind be blessed.