Interview with Noa

I wait patiently for the moment she will enter the lobby. Than suddenly the door opens. There she is, her long curly hair hanging loose around her shoulders. When she smiles a gap between her teeth reveals itself.

Interview with Michael Franti

Michael Franti just arrived from San Francisco early in the morning. Although he hardly slept during the flight, he's in a good mood. When I greet Michael, the nearly 2 meter / 6,5 feet tall singer-songwriter answers with a hug.

Interview with Mafalda Arnauth

The first time I saw fado singer Mafalda Arnauth perform live was in Porto. I had never heard of her but was intrigued by a poster that announced the concert in this Portuguese town that is famous for …

Suzanna Lubrano interview

It’s always great to perform in Africa especially when it’s in countries where the fans sing my songs word by word. That happens a lot in Angola and Mozambique and it is really amazing. It’s true I’m a star over there.

How to manipulate your motivation


South America Skank – JahLen Reggae Vibes

This journey takes you to some of the highlights of South America and is accompanied by some delicious Reggae Vibes by jahlen


The largest aurora borealis in recent years. Shot in and around Kirkenes and Pas National Park bordering Russia. Temperatures around -25 Celsius

Clockwork Elves

The Clockwork Elves could be a pyschotropic exploration of spirituality and death – or it could be a tale of a little goofball hopped up on goofballs. Either way – it’s a cartoon.

Warrior Women of Afro Peruvian Music

The Warrior Women of Afro-Peruvian Music: - What Does Freedom Mean to You?

Dido’s Lament

The text, and the Purcell opera, allude to the Aeneid, the Roman legend of the Trojan warrior Aeneas, traveling to Italy from the betrayed and fallen Troy Aeneas falls in love with their queen, Dido, but dutifully departs for Italy leaving her.

I’s still being written

Vimeo videos curated by ZonaBonita Ezine It’s still being written Script & voice : Kadeem Roper, Design & animation : Mélanie Gohin

Dancing with Danger

Surfer Kipp Caddy caught "One of, if not the craziest wave ever made at Shipsterns Bluff." Cinematographer Chris Bryan was in the perfect position to capture the moment. A wave of a life time ...

“The Fool” Animated Poem

This is a tale of a man who is disgusted by human life and love, and of the woman who convinces him to think otherwise


Music Video for L'Imperatrice, directed by Roxane Lumeret & Jocelyn Charles


Derecho, written and directed by Joe Bennett. Vimeo videos curated by ZonaBonita Ezine

Tribal Vibes – Whyen

"Tribal Vibes" by Whyen is an animated journey through different places along with some fantastical characters

The Mystic Doorstep Tapes

A mystic step through the door

Vampire in Wonderland

A psychedelic dub adventure