ZonaBonita Video Planet

Somewhere in the universe there is a planet made of films, music & books
Explore and enjoy the ultimate video experience

An amazing hand-picked collection of films, tv series, documentaries, (audio) books & (vinyl) records.


Wander through a world of celluloid and dig into the gems of cinema.

A great collection of hand-picked classic, art house, world and indie movies


Food for the mind and the senses

Documentaries, shorts and cinematic videos

TV Series

Series from the time they were still made exclusively for TV

Watch full episodes and first season specials

(Vinyl) Records

Open the record cabinet and dive into a wave of authentic sounds…

Go back in time and rock the cradle of modern music, discover 300 + timeless albums….


Let your mind flow into a universe of spoken words.

audio books

Close your eyes and listen to someone reading you a poem, story or an entire novel….100+ audiobooks!

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