Ame in a Van

Amélise lives full-time in a van and travels around Europe with her dog (Gigi) in her self converted ford transit. Her ‘solitary’ nomadic life, is not just about visiting places, it is also an inner journey…

Travel with Marianny Dey

Marianny Dey from Venezuela decided to travel and share her impressions. In a short time she has become a pretty popular travel vlogger who takes you around South America and the rest of the world. She loves to visit beaches in tiny little bikini’s…

Living alone in the rainforest

Sisters, Julia and Anastasia Vanderbyl started a journey to live a life in perfect harmony with nature. A life of caring for animals, growing fruit, planting trees, gardening, cooking, creating, building and learning to live with the land. “Living alone in the jungle can be scary, but in this solitude, we find so much peace, joy and beauty.”

Lexie Limitless Traveler

Lexie shattered the “Guinness World Record for being the youngest person to travel every country in the world. It was her goal to challenge herself to get out of her comfort zone and discover how much of the world was accessible to a young solo female traveler. Along her way, she encountered kindness, generosity, and also several difficult situations, in some of the least visited corners of the globe….

Travel with Eva zu Beck

Follow Eva zu Beck on her solo adventure around the world “I’m a raw adventurer seeking the experience of feeling alive. I live by the words “the world belongs to the brave”.”

Slow travels with Malini Angelica

Malini Angelica is a big advocates of the slow travel philosophy, she likes to take her time to fully immerse in the culture, meet the locals and seek out authentic experiences….

Kristin (be my travel muse)

Kristin is a solo traveler who has been to six out of seven continents on planet earth. She has a thirst for adventure, hiking, camping, hitchhiking, and pursuing unique experiences all over the globe.