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Shery is a singer-songwriter from Guatemala. She shared the stage with international stars like Miguel Bosé, Enrique Iglesias and Vikki Carr. Shery worked for various tv-shows in Mexico and Columbia. ZonaBonita interviewed Shery when she released her debut album El Amor es un fantasma.

To what extend you think your cultural background has influenced your music?

I don’t really know. I love to explore diverse cultures and I have written songs both in my country as outside. My music is based on feelings and melodies that come from deep inside, from my own shadows, as well as from the things I see and live every day. Although as an artist you are never immune to your cultural roots, I’ve been exposed since early childhood to a truly global variety of musical styles, from rock, pop and world, to the immortal music of the grandes maestros. At home my mother used to play music from all over the world. From Brazil to China to the US, Spain, the UK, Mexico… I particularly enjoy Italian music and the 80’s rock in English…

Can you describe the process of writing a song?

Let’s call this process “inspiration”. As a songwriter you are like a sponge, absorbing everything. What you see, what you hear, smell and taste; what you live, do and think incubates feelings and emotions inside you. And then, at the right moment, it just “comes” to me, and it’s just a matter of mood to decide what kind of song I am going to write.

Are your lyrics personal? like in „el amor es un fantasma…
“El amor es un fantasma” (“Love is a Ghost”), came to me in a moment where love for me was just a ghost. I totally believe in love. We come from love and, hopefully, walk through our lives towards Love. Love is beautiful, gigantic. But sometimes it’s just impossible, and it hurts so bad.
Probably it’s from the shadows of pain where some of my best songs come from.

Shery – “Virgen Ya No” Single from 2017

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