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ROSA ACOSTA  was the lead model in Drake’s “Best I’ve Ever Had” and appeared in various other music videos with known rappers. She also appears in various US TV-series. ZonaBonita interviewed Rosa when she was still at the beginning of her career. She had just moved from the Dominican Republic, where she was a famous classic ballet dancer to the USA where she first started as a model.

You recently moved from Dominican Republic to the USA, how is that change?

It’s being great not only for my career but also for my personal life. I miss my country, my culture and my friends a lot, but all that is still in my heart no matter what. At first, it’s so difficult, especially because of the weather, but I love to be in the USA. The decision of moving to USA has been the most exiting experience in my life.

What you like most about the Dominican Republic?

We have the gift of hospitality and we know how to use it. I love the people and the weather, the
food, the music; we are a beautiful country with beautiful people!!!!

You studied ballet, why?

I started ballet when I was 4 years old. My mother said that I walked like a Ballerina so she just went with me to a ballet school. By the time I was six I was so in love with ballet.

What do you love most about ballet?

I love the fact that u can tell a complete story or just a feeling without worlds. I love the way the human body can express so much just with a movement. I’m still amazed about ballet.

Are you still doing ballet now?

I’m not dancing professionally anymore. Ballet will always be my passion, but being a dancer is very demanding.

You appear in various video clips as a dancer, is that satisfying?

I love to do videos. It’s a fantastic way to get exposure! It’s great to be in front of the cameras. I love it! I like to get exposure. But also think that when you get exposure you have a responsibility. Because others see you as an example; and the fact that a lot of people see you push you into that position that you can help more than usual.

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