Wild Women (Western/Comedy) 1970

Genre: Western/Comedy

It is the 1840s, and the United States is on the verge of war with Mexico. The U.S. government needs to map unknown Mexican territory; however, overtly sending surveyors into the region would be viewed as
provocative. The alternative is to send the surveying unit disguised as a wagon train, including women. To find women capable and desperate enough to deal with this dangerous mission, the government recruits at a federal woman’s prison. Five women are chosen and offered pardons in exchange for their successful participation. For the men of the wagon train, handing the women will be almost as difficult as handling the enemy.

Cast: Hugh O’Brian (Killian), Anne Francis (Jean Marshek), Marilyn Maxwell
(Maude Webber), Marie Windsor (Lottie Clampett), Sherry Jackson
(Nancy Delacourt), Robert F. Simon (Colonel Donahue), Richard Kelton
(Lt. Charring), Cynthia Hull (Mit-O-Ne), Pepe Callahan (Lt. Santos), Ed
Call (Sgt. Frame), John Neris (Sgt. Elmer Cass)