LADRI DI BICICLETTE (ITALIAN 1948) | Bicycle Thieves (Subs)

Ladri di biciclette (Italian 1948) | Bicycle Thieves – The unemployment rate is high in postwar Italy. After two jobless years, Antonio Ricci is finally offered a job as a poster-hanger. There is one condition: he must have his own bicycle. At the moment his bicycle is at the pawnshop, but Antonio’s wife Maria says they can pawn their six sheets instead. The first day at work Antonio’s bicycle is stolen. A friend offers to help him search for it the next morning at Piazza Vittorio, where street vendors sell stolen bikes. The search is unsuccessful, but Antonio and his son Bruno continue to the market at Porta Portese, where Antonio happens to see the thief talking to an elderly man. As he cannot catch the thief, he instead pursues the old man, who goes into a church and disappears during the Mass. The third time Antonio happens to see the thief, he succeeds to pursue him to his dwelling-place. A local policeman believes Antonio’s story about the theft, but as he cannot find the stolen bike in the apartment, the case is dismissed. Driven into utter despair Antonio and Bruno walk back home–back to unemployment.


Director : Vittorio De Sica