Yardbirds ‎– The Yardbirds (Full Album Vinyl Rip)

The Yardbirds a British band that was formed in 1963, is especially known for three of three of rock’s most famous guitarists, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck who all have been part of this group.

SCX 6063 (repress)

A1 Lost Women 0:00
A2 Over, Under, Sideways, Down 3:19
A3 The Nazz Are Blue 5:46
A4 I Can’t Make Your Way 8:52
A5 Rack My Mind 11:19
A6 Farewell 14:36

B1 Hot House Of Omagararshid 16:10
B2 Jeff’s Boogie 18:50
B3 He’s Always There 21:17
B4 Turn Into Earth 23:33
B5 What Do You Want 26:40
B6 Ever Since The World Began 30:05