Wire – Chairs Missing 1978 Full Album Vinyl. Great

A1 Practice Makes Perfect
A2 French Film Blurred —-4:05
A3 Another The Letter —–6:43
A4 Men 2nd
A5 Marooned ——————-9:34
A6 Sand In My Joints——–11:55
A7 Being Sucked In Again–13:45
A8 Heartbeat————————–16:57
B1 Mercy —————————-20:30
B2 Outdoor Miner ————–26:14
B3 I Am The Fly ———————-28:03
B4 I Feel Mysterious Today—-31:12
B5 From The Nursery ———-33:10
B6 Used To ——————————36:11
B7 Too Late——————————38:31

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