V̤a̤n̤ D̤e̤r̤ G̤r̤a̤a̤f̤ G̤e̤n̤e̤r̤a̤t̤o̤r̤ T̤h̤e̤ Le̤a̤s̤t̤ We̤ C̤a̤n̤ D̤o̤ i̤s̤ Wa̤v̤e̤ to Each Other

Although “The Least We Can Do Is Wave to Each Other” is the second album by Van der Graaf Generator, the band considered it their first proper album. The earlier The Aerosol Grey Machine (September 1969) was as a solo record by singer and main songwriter Peter Hammill. The least… was the only one to chart in the top 50 .

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