LENNY BRUCE: “What I Was Arrested For” (full vinyl album, 1971)


“The Performances That Got Lenny Bruce Busted”
(Douglas 2 / CBS, 1971)

0:00 I Just Do It, And That’s All
1:03 To Come
3:40 Hubert’s Museum
5:42 The Perverse Act
10:11 T–s And A–
13:26 Completely Exposed
14:17 A Pretty Bizarre Show
15:26 Blah Blah Blah
18:19 Dirty Toilet
21:05 Would You Sell Out Your Country?
22:14 A White White Woman Or A Black Black Woman

All material written and performed by Lenny Bruce.
I do not claim ownership or copyright on the recordings or material. Fair Use Act, 1976. If you are the owner and don’t want this on here, please ask nicely, and it will come down, but many on people on here seem to enjoy it, and it’s a great place for newbies to discover and enjoy his works.