Johnny Cash – At Folsom Prison (1968) (live)

At Folsom Prison is a live album and 27th overall album by Johnny Cash, released on Columbia Records in May 1968. After his 1955 song “Folsom Prison Blues”, Cash had been interested in recording a performance at a prison. His idea was put on hold until 1967, when personnel changes at Columbia Records put Bob Johnston in charge of producing Cash’s material. Cash had recently controlled his drug abuse problems, and was looking to turn his career around after several years of limited commercial success. Backed with June Carter, Carl Perkins and the Tennessee Three, Cash performed two shows at Folsom State Prison in California on January 13, 1968. The resulting album consisted of fifteen tracks from the first show and two tracks from the second.

00:00 Folsom Prison Blues
02:42 Busted
04:06 Dark as a Dungeon
07:11 I Still Miss Someone
08:49 Cocaine Blues
11:50 25 Minutes to Go
15:21 Orange Blossom Special
18:22 The Long Black Veil
22:20 Send a Picture of Mother
24:30 The Wall
26:07 Dirty Old Egg-Suckin’ Dog
27:37 Flushed From the Bathroom of Your Heart
29:54 Joe Bean
32:19 Jackson (with June Carter)
35:32 Give My Love to Rose (with June Carter)
38:18 I Got Stripes
40:10 The Legend of John Henry’s Hammer
47:18 Green, Green Grass of Home
49:48 Greystone Chapel

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