John Kay – Forgotten Songs And Unsung Heroes (1972) [Complete LP]

John Kay was the front man, lead singer, guitarist in Steppenwolf. He released this solo album in 1972 on ABC Dunhill Records. It has since been deleted from the ABC Dunhill catalogue.

Audio here taken from a 1970’s Canadian pressing of the original ABC Dunhill Records vinyl LP.

Track List:

1. Many A Mile 0:00
2. Walk Beside Me 4:29
3. You Win Again (cover of Hank Williams original) 9:44
4. To Be Alive 13:47
5. Bold Marauder (cover of Richard Farina original) 18:48
6. Two Of A Kind 23:57
7. Walkin’ Blues (cover of Robert Johnson original) 29:57
8. Somebody 32:44
9. I’m Movin’ On (cover of Hank Snow original) 36:54