Jesus in India, Tibet and Persia – An Account Missing from the Bible

Almost everything we know about Jesus is from the Bible. The four new testament gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John tell us a great deal about the events surrounding His conception and birth. They also provide a lot of details about His ministry in Palestine, and His trial, crucifixion and resurrection, all of which occurred during the last three years of His life. However, they tell us very little about the years in between.

There’s a short account in the gospel of Matthew which tells of how the Holy Family travelled into Egypt shortly after the birth of Jesus. Although the bible doesn’t provide a description of that journey, the details have been preserved in the traditions of the Coptic Christian church and a video account of that journey can be found via this link:

In 1894, a Russian explorer named Nicholas Notovich published a controversial book which claimed that during a journey through the Himalayas, he had visited a Buddhist monastery where he had been shown sacred manuscripts which revealed that Jesus had travelled and preached in India, Tibet and Persia before his ministry in Palestine. This film tells that story of that extraordinary discovery and gives an account of what those manuscripts revealed about Jesus’ journey through those countries.

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