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Claudia Ciesla, born in Poland, became a popular model in Germany after Bild Zeitung published some of her photos. She also became a known person in India since she acted in the Bollywood movie Karma. Claudia even moved to Mumbai (Bombay) and appeared in several movies and tv-shows like Big Boss, the Indian version of Big Brother. We interviewed Claudia just after she finished shooting the movie Karma.

How is India?

Everything was new for me. I had never visited India before. The people are very friendly and tolerant. The traffic is great – no rules – drivers are going like crazy. To go with a taxi through Bombay gives you more Adrenaline rushes than Bungee Jumping. The Hindu temples are interesting and very colorful – and they have so many gods and goddesses. I have heard about 2000. Some guys from the film crew told me. Now that I have been in India, they have 2001…

How would you describe your first movie experience?

It was so great! I loved the shooting and learned such a lot and met so many wonderful and nice people in the Bollywood film industry. When i read the script, I immediately loved the story. It is about reincarnation. I am playing the role of LINDA who came to India during Hippie Time. She falls in love with a rich Indian guy but all ends unhappy with many complications, being murdered after all. Later she is reincarnated as Anna and she visits the same place after 30 years.

Did you ever think when you grew up in Poland you would be famous one day?

Not really. Lots of people and friends from school told me I should start like a model. So when I was discovered at the age of 15 by a recruiter from a big Model Agency, I said OK let’s try and make a little money with that. I did it also for fun because it meant lots of traveling and knowing so many interesting new people. But I never thought to be famous and I don’t think I am yet. It is still a long way to go…

Karma Trailer featuring Claudia Ciesla

Claudia Ciesla interview

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