The Sicilian Connection

Anne Frank the whole story

Short Film Collection

La Chamade (aka Heartbeat)

Lord of the Flies


The African Queen

Rogue Trader

Steve Jobs

The Motorcycle Diaries (Che Guevara)

The Tenth Man (1988)

The Insider 1999

Costa Azzurra (eng sub)

The Pianist

Jesus of Montreal

The Gospel according to St. Matthew (Pasolini 1964)

Legends of the Fall

‘Princess of Thieves’ Robin Hood’s daughter

Conquest of Paradise 1992

Fanfare – Bert Haanstra

De Overval – (The Silent Raid)

Frankenstein the True Story part two

Frankenstein the True Story part one

The Trials of Oscar Wilde

Home Invasion Full Movie

Infidelity in Suburbia

Murder on the Orient Express

Cat o’ Nine Tails uncut 1971

Man of La Mancha (1972)

L’Idiot 1946 (English subtitles)

Coffee and Cigarettes by Jim Jarmush

Love Italian Style 1966 (Amore all’italiana)

The Blue Angel (1920) with Marlene Dietrich

The Millionairess (1960) Sophia Loren & Peter Sellers British Romantic Comedy

Justine (Dirk Bogarde) (1969)

Les Novices

Dear Brigitte

En compagnie d’Antonin Artaud (My life and times with Antonin Artaud)

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