Music Man by Len

Download Music Man

Corona Diaries by Len

Download Corona Diaries

The Loneliness of the Songwriter by Len

Download The Loneliness of the Songwriter

Vampire in Wonderland

Download Vampire in Wonderland

The Mystic Doorstep Tapes

A mystic step through the door

The Siren, the Ocean and the Whale

The siren, the ocean and the whale in a surrealistic tale... Lyrics

Gloomy Day

Days double the daze, embrace the mellow maze feel the grace when gloomy days wake up with a sleepy face Lyrics

Silence in the streets

There's silence in the street, I can hear my walking feet, and I'm so aware there is some magic in the air.

Reggae Vibes

Skank around with the rub a dub sound

Save a Prayer for the World

A song of reflection in times human kind has to discover their real values again...