Interview with Juanes

It is in october 2003 when I speak to Juanes. During the night he came by bus from Berlin to Amsterdam for a concert in the Melkweg . “I’m not a fan of air planes so we tour …

Interview with Noa

I wait patiently for the moment she will enter the lobby. Than suddenly the door opens. There she is, her long curly hair hanging loose around her shoulders. When she smiles a gap between her teeth reveals itself.

Interview with Michael Franti

Michael Franti just arrived from San Francisco early in the morning. Although he hardly slept during the flight, he's in a good mood. When I greet Michael, the nearly 2 meter / 6,5 feet tall singer-songwriter answers with a hug.

Interview with Mafalda Arnauth

The first time I saw fado singer Mafalda Arnauth perform live was in Porto. I had never heard of her but was intrigued by a poster that announced the concert in this Portuguese town that is famous for …

Suzanna Lubrano interview

It’s always great to perform in Africa especially when it’s in countries where the fans sing my songs word by word. That happens a lot in Angola and Mozambique and it is really amazing. It’s true I’m a star over there.

Shery interview

From the ZonaBonita archives. Interviews with cosmopolitan female artists
Shery is a singer-songwriter from Guatemala. She shared the stage with international stars like Miguel Bosé, Enrique Iglesias and Vikki Carr. Shery worked for various tv-shows in Mexico and …