Erotic Art Gustav Klimt

Austrian Symbolist painter Gustav Klimt was part of a 19th-century movement that linked art with mysticism. They painted the 'language of the soul' using mythology and dream images.

Seven Timeless Books (you must read)

Timeless Novels: Around the World in 80 Days / Dracula / Heart of Darkness / Hound of Baskerville / Legend of Sleepy Hollow / A tale of two cities / The Time Machine

Henri Rousseau a misunderstood painter

The French artist Henri Rousseau is a typical example of a painter who during his lifetime was misunderstood. Only after his death he received the appreciation he deserved. Today, Rousseau’s paintings can be found in museums in Paris, …

Spotify changed music industry

When Spotify founder Daniel Ek grows up in a working-class neighborhood in the Swedish capital Stockholm, he is disappointed that he does not have enough money to buy all his favorite music. As a teenager his dream, “an …

Amanda Gorman – The Hill We Climb

Amanda Goreman maakte indruk met haar gedicht ‘The Hill We Climb’ tijdens de inauguratie van president Biden van de VS. Goreman, die tijdens haar jeugd ontdekte dat poëzie haar hielp bij haar spraakprobleem, sprak mooie woorden en gaf …