Short Humor Collection – Volume 1 – FULL AudioBook |

Short Humor Collection – Volume 1 – FULL AudioBook | Greatest Audio Books

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Chapter listing and length:

Araminta & The Automobile by Charles Battell Loomis — 00:14:22
Read by Bellona Times

Mr. Bluff Discourses Of The Country And Kindred Themes by Oliver Bell Bunce — 00:08:20
Read by Bill Mosley

Horseshoes by Ring Lardner — 00:59:09
Read by Utek

Laura by Saki — 00:10:20
Read by Tim Casey

Maddened by Mystery by Stephen Leacock — 00:18:12
Read by om123

A Modest Proposal by Jonathan Swift — 00:19:53
Read by Emily Fogel

A New Year Idyl by Eugene Field — 00:02:09
Read by Sean Randall

One Touch of Nature by P G Wodehouse — 00:26:14
Read by Bellona Times

The Ransom of Red Chief by O. Henry — 00:24:07
Read by PrincessG

The Riverman by Stewart Edward White — 00:25:18
Read by Bellona Times

The She Wolf by Saki — 00:13:31
Read by Tim Casey

The Thin Santa Claus by Ellis Parker Butler — 00:28:27
Read by Phil Chenevert

The Triangle by James Stephens — 00:19:35
Read by iremonger

We Didn’t Do Anything Wrong, Hardly by Roger Kuykendall — 00:08:37
Read by Tim Casey

Willy and the Lady by Gelett Burgess — 00:02:41
Read by Sean Randall

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