The Siren

The siren, the ocean and the whale are the ingredients of a surrealistic tale.

Inca Tango

A rootsy kind of reggae dub by Jah Len flavoured with tango and panflute sound

Silence in the streets

There’s silence in the street, I can hear my walking feet, and I’m so aware there is some magic in the air… (from the album Corona Diaries

mRKus - nocturnal

mRKus – Nocturnal

123 Music Now Records proudly presents the new single by mRKus – Nocturnal. A laid back, groovy tune drowned in an electronic sea of dusk

Stay at Home by Len

STAY AT HOME is a  song recorded with very limited resources. “I still had a rhythm track. With a virtual keyboard, which I controlled with the keyboard of a computer, I played strings and horn over it. Then sang the song with the microphone of my Q2HD camera”

I stay at home

Len ~ Save a Prayer

Save a prayer for the greedy who think a soul is made of dollars. Save a prayer for the violent who think god is a gun<. Save a prayer for the people who think freedom is a wall Save a prayer for the sea. Save a prayer for the tree. Save a prayer for the bee Save a prayer for you Save a prayer for me Save a prayer for we the people...

Save a Prayer for the World

Len ~ Move it up shake it down

Move it up Shake it down by Len. You might find it difficult not to move and shake on this danceable tune. The fly in the air cover pic was taken at the crater of the Rano Raraku volcano on Rapa Nui  aka (Easter Island / Isla de Pascua)


We’re gonna

Jah Len ~ Reggae Festival

This groovy reggae tune by Jah Len describes the positive vibrations one feels at a reggae festival.  The track includes an extended dub version. ‘We shake up the nation with a positive vibration Oh what a celebration I and I feel at the reggae festival

Jah Len – Reggae Festival

Dem Brothers ~ Soon Come

Dem Brothers make old school reggae. Soon Come is their first single on 123 Music Now Records. Cool dem !
Dem brothers coming up the road
their music ready for download
Soon comes the day
things are going my way
and everything will be alright

Dem Brothers – Soon Come

Len~Through the looking glass

Through the looking Glass by Len A guitar drowned in tremolo and a groovy beat lead you to wonderland. This song taken from the album Music Man, is one of the favorites Len tracks among listeners on Spotify